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Interior Sun Protection Systems

Sun Protection Systems for Interior

A wide range of window blinds in different shapes and sizes by Tehnologic Grup®You can find a wide range of blinds and other solutions for covering the inside of the window. They can be horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds, roman shades and much more. Regardless of the type or model, they were designed to cover a wide variety of shapes and size of the window. Read more

Exterior Sun Protection Systems

Exterior Blinds and other solutions for exterior sunscreens

Blinds and shutters, awnings - Outdoor sun protection systemsYou can control the weather on the terrace, patio or balcony of your house. You can control and adjust the temperature in the house by filtering sunlight and ultraviolet radiation that penetrate the interior. With blinds, it is always at hand to block the sunlight, even before they reach the window. Read more

Insect Screens

Insect Screens

Insect ScreensGenerally speaking, nobody agrees the intrusion of insects into the living spaces. An insect screen not only prevent their infiltration, but provides us comfort, safety and a peaceful sleep. Read more

Residential Openings

Roler Shutters and Garage Doors

Roller Shutters and Garage DoorsGarage doors are an integral part of the design and architecture of a modern building. Meanwhile, a Roller Shutter represents an elegant and efficient solution for protection or dividing a room. Read more

Automation and Remote Control for Sun Protection Systems

Automation and Remote Control for Sun Protection Systems

Automation and Remote Control for Sun Protection SystemsFor maximum comfort, most sun protection systems can optionally be powered by electric motors and controlled remotely. This feature is available both separately for each product, and even embedded in a complex integrated system, operated by a single remote control. Read more

The benefits provided by Sun Protection Systems

The benefits of using Sun Protection Systems

What makes a home look great? What priorities drive us when arranged a room? Caring for our children, our concern for peace of mind? Family privacy or the working environment? Harmony of forms, volumes and colors?
Whatever our approach light influences our perceptions and essential, therefore, mood. Colors, shapes, volumes, contours are defined or fade depending on the angle and intensity of the light apparently is changing along with it. Allow us 10 minutes and we'll share some suggestions started working with materials gathered from experience that shapes light (blinds and other systems):

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